Pillow Talk Gal

Who is PillowTalk Gal?

So many bloggers so little time. Why did I decide to start my own blog?Well, I have been looking for an outlet to share my many life experiences as well as fun topics I'm into. I want to address issues that some may not talk openly about (those of you who are Sex in the City fans know what I'm talking about).  In this world of social media, I have come to realize that you can have a voice but that voice is much louder if you have an outlet to talk into. I'm from the time where people talked to each other rather than texted. We picked up the phone, or wrote a letter (you know, those things called pens and paper...ugh). Now it's all about "text me" "friend me" or "post that pic". Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty on all counts. I can't help but wonder, where do the texts begin and we disappear? So I have conformed and given myself a voice in this social media world. I hope you will come along with me upon my journey through this thing called life (the digital version that is :)